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cross-staff voice indication

From: Florian Hollerweger
Subject: cross-staff voice indication
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 21:28:12 +0000
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Hi list,

I am looking for a possibility to print glissando-like lines between consecutive notes in different voices, which are potentially located in different staves.

This is often done in polyphonic piano music to indicate a change of staff in a particular part of a fugue. (In German we call these "Stimmweiser". I am not sure whether "voice pointers" would be the appropriate translation - any ideas?)

Do I have to misuse \glissando a la

  e2 \glissando f
  \once \override Glissando #'(bound-details right Y) = #-2
  e2 \glissando f


\override Glissando #'breakable = ##t
\override Glissando #'(bound-details right-broken Y) = #-3
c1 \glissando \break

or is there a better solution?

Your suggestions are as always highly appreciated.


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