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Re: Adding \new Lyrics \lyricsto "Tenor II" \text cancels \set timing

From: Jay Hamilton
Subject: Re: Adding \new Lyrics \lyricsto "Tenor II" \text cancels \set timing
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 13:59:02 -0700

Mr. Bailey- would like me to go and reread a section of the LM, that is all 
well and good but in the Manual for 2.10 section Printing stanzas at the end- I used the information to create the 
score.  The score looks fine except that when I add the 
\new Lyrics \lyricsto
my stems reappear.  So the original question remains why does adding this line 
of code into a place that makes the 'text' work and in the proper place on the 
score remove the 
  \set Score.defaultBarType = "empty"
so that the stems reappear?

Thanks- Jay Printing stanzas at the end
Sometimes it is appropriate to have one stanza set to the music, and the rest 
added in verse
form at the end of the piece. This can be accomplished by adding the extra 
verses into a
\markup section outside of the main score block. Notice that there are two 
different ways to
force linebreaks when using \markup.
melody = \relative c' {
e d c d | e e e e |
d d e d | c1 |
text = \lyricmode {
\set stanza = "1." Ma- ry had a lit- tle lamb,
its fleece was white as snow.
\score{ <<
\new Voice = "one" { \melody }
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "one" \text
\layout { }
\markup { \column{
\line{ Verse 2. }
\line{ All the children laughed and played }
\line{ To see a lamb at school. }

\wordwrap-string #"
Verse 3.
Mary took it home again,
It was against the rule."


Jay Hamilton

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