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hidden voice

From: Yohann Martineau
Subject: hidden voice
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 22:26:53 +0100
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I'm using lilypond to write scores for bagpipe.

I've seen that it was possible to create midi file using lilypond. That's really great. I've created my main melody, but now I would like to add drones in background. Drones are not permanent in my track, so I'll probably have to create a new voice or a new staff dedicated to drones. That's not a problem. But I would like to hide it in the generated pdf/ps. Is it possible?

I've seen that it was necessary to write another score with \unfoldRepeats to have repeats in midi, it's ok but is there a way to "include" the previously defined score? I fear copy/paste because I may forget to do it once and the midi generated file will be incorrect.

Maybe a simple \include with another file would be ok?

Thank you,


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