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Canorus 0.7 released

From: Matevž Jekovec
Subject: Canorus 0.7 released
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 11:49:34 +0100
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Canorus development team is after more than a year of active development
happy to announce the new release of Canorus - a free cross-platform
music score editor, version 0.7.

Release 0.6 was skipped for various stability issues.

You can download it here:

- Added support for printing and preview of score using LilyPond backend.
- Added integrated Midi recorder.
- Added resources storage inside the document.
- Added User's guide.
- Added transposition support.
- GUI improvements:
  - Anti-aliasing in score view.
  - Music fonts loaded in runtime.
  - Show note name when inserting notes.
  - Integrated User's guide browser.
  - Copy&Paste rewritten and now supports copying complete voices and
- Import/Export improvements:
  - Basic MusicXml import
  - Basic Midi import
  - LilyPond now exports partial measure, uptext, downtext and rehersal
  - New export filters to PDF and SVG based on LilyPond
- Plugin improvements:
  - setSelection() and selection added to scripting engine.
  - rebuildUi() and repaintUi() added to scripting engine.
  - Added separator action for menus.
- Model improvements:
  - Added color property to music element.
  - Added facilities for calculating intervals from/to music pitches and
key signatures.
  - Redesigned key signature, diatonic key and diatonic pitch.
  - Redesigned playable length and absolute length.
- Shipped Python 2.5 on Microsoft Windows.
- Support for Qt4.4.
- Official support for Mac OS X.
- Available translations:
  - English
  - German
  - Slovenian
  - Norwegian
  - Hebrew

Matevž Jekovec
Canorus development team

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