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Re: Canorus -- help found

From: M Watts
Subject: Re: Canorus -- help found
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 22:24:45 +1000
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M Watts <address@hidden> wrote:

>/>   /
>/Try their website/


That's where I started, of course. I downloaded the program from
there, but I can't find anything like a user guide or tutorial. And
the "User's guide" choice on the "Help" menu is grayed out. AFAICT,
you're just supposed to know....
With the latest 0.7 release, available via


the help file gets built as part of the compile process, via a makefile which invokes lyx, in the doc/userguides directory (explained in the Readme)

You need to build the docs first b4 building the app, otherwise the help menu remains greyed out.

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