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Re: Strange Change Staff behavior

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: Strange Change Staff behavior
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 23:50:11 +0000

2009/3/28 Alberto Simões <address@hidden>:
> Hello.
> I am having a strange behavior with Change Staff. It is not easy to
> explain as it is quite strange. Basically, I am having a voice defined
> to be drawn on the lower staff, and it is appearing in the upper staff.

[copying to bug-lilypond]

I think you've uncovered a bug related to \change Staff here; if you
remove the \change Staff = "lower", the file compiles fine.  Until
it's fixed you'll have to place the cross-staff notes in one of the
lower voices.

Here's a snippet which may be a manifestation of the same bug, but
with slightly different results (taken from the regtest

  \new Staff ="rh" {
  \new Staff ="lh" {
    \repeat unfold 2 {
      \change Staff = "rh"
      \change Staff = "lh"

The first note appears in the wrong stave, and the following error
messages appear,

warning: Change_iterator::process (): Staff = `lh':
warning: cannot change `Staff' to `rh': not changing to same context type: Staff

      \change Staff = "rh"

which suggests that the iterator has missed the first \change for some reason.


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