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Re: dodecaphonic accidentals for all staves

From: Wilbert Berendsen
Subject: Re: dodecaphonic accidentals for all staves
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 13:42:49 +0200
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Op zondag 07 juni 2009, schreef Neil Puttock:
> You need to find out how these are set for your chosen accidental
> style by checking the definition of set-accidental-style in
> scm/music-functions.scm.

I did this also some time ago, but if the code in music-functions.scm changes  
these layout settings cease to work. (convert-ly didn't handle them).

Is there any chance for the accidental variables to become standardized and 
documented? It's nice to be able to define the accidental style in the layout 
block in a stable way.

best regards,
Wilbert Berendsen

Frescobaldi, LilyPond editor for KDE:

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