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Re: new website: initial comments

From: Ivo Bouwmans
Subject: Re: new website: initial comments
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 20:41:00 +0200

Hallo Graham,

Here's a very rough initial draft of our new website:

Any comments or offers of help?

The main structure is very clear: it's easy to find what is where. I particularly like the division in the documents section, which brings you to the right info.

The font size of the sub menus is a bit small, I think.

On the Mac OS X page a ref is asking to be fixed. You could link to the page that I maintain for Mac users ( , which lists various ways to use LP on Mac, and links to sites like that of LilyPondTool.

If you prefer not to link to an external site, I could put the info on the new LP site later, and maintain that. In the meantime, a link could help.

You could consider not mentioning that the menus "no longer function" on Mac. LP works well, much the same as it does on other platforms. The only thing users need to know is that LP is not a "doubleclickable" application - and some instructions on how to use it.
Vriendelijke groeten,  =  Best wishes,  =  Afablajn salutojn,


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