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Re: new website: initial comments

From: Bertalan Fodor (LilyPondTool)
Subject: Re: new website: initial comments
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 10:11:41 +0200
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Yes it really is, I like it, honestly.
But it is inappropriate for the purpose of having a page to notify the user about that LilyPond just compiles and does nothing more. For this purpose I would only show:
- The "compiling music" section.
- The screenshot of a dev environment (preferably LilyPondTool - next release will even have a virtual piano keyboard for note entry: that would calm scared users)
- And the first example of the "it's as simple as ABC" - no need to talk about alterations, pop music, orchestral parts.

I almost would suggest to put this crash course on the home page via a Flash animation: 4 slides:
- "LilyPond is different"
- "You type the notes as text" - (the site visitor can see the typing of { c c g g a a g }, like in LilyPondTool demos at
- LilyPond creates beautiful score (some compile animation, then show the score) - to not scare the user with \relative I wouldn't show that in the second slide, because for the visitor we just want to give an impression of writing score as text, and make it seem simple (as it is)
- Read the crash course - this would be a link to the detailed crash course / or this could be link to the downloads


Dmytro O. Redchuk wrote:
2009/6/24 Bertalan Fodor <address@hidden>:
Ok. Though the crash course is too long. One would never read it to the bottom.
I'd say it is *excellent*.

Mmmmaybe a question of taste.


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