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Re: new website: draft 3

From: David Stocker
Subject: Re: new website: draft 3
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2009 09:15:59 -0400
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Your English is good (better than my Spanish!)

Some proposed edits from a native English speaker:

Francisco Vila wrote:
2009/7/3 Graham Percival <address@hidden>:
Anyway*2, what other questions would you propose?  My idea is
that the FAQ should contain 4-10 questions.  Currently, we have
1: Why do you change the syntax?
2: Something isn't working!
3: Where is the app (_maybe_)

3.- could be replaced or followed by
I've proposed some simple edits in the text below...
Q: Do I have to read the manuals if I want to do anything with LilyPond?

A: Yes, indeed. Undoubtedly. Absolutely. No, really. It's not a joke:
please read the manuals. Do /(changed from /"Make"/)/ yourself a favour. [link 
to the


Another one that could well go anywhere else: (for absolute beginners)

Q: This [text interface] seems to be rather limited, why should I
consider using this program without a GUI?

A: Take a look to our nice examples [link to the nice examples page]
and judge by yourself. The strength of LilyPond lays in the power and
flexibility of its language. Some environments will help you [link to
the helper programs page] but still, /(addd comma)/ the language is the key to
successful high-quality engraving, as we see it.

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