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Re: Removing Piano Staff Temporarily Under Flute Part

From: James E. Bailey
Subject: Re: Removing Piano Staff Temporarily Under Flute Part
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 21:37:37 +0200

On 03.07.2009, at 21:19, craigbakalian wrote:

Hi James,
Where is it in the learning manual.  And, the sections in the notation
reference make the staves invisible.  This means that the flute part
isn't formated properly.  There is a gap between the flute staves where
the the piano part would have been printed.

Craig Bakalian

On Fri, 2009-07-03 at 11:56 +0200, James E.Bailey wrote:

On 03.07.2009, at 11:38, craigbakalian wrote:

I am typesetting a Sonata for Flute and Piano.  There is a section
the music where the flute part goes into a cadenza with no piano
accompaniment.  I want Lily to stop printing the empty piano part
for 24
bars, and format the flute part on about a half a page, and then
the printing of piano staff there after.

Hi. You'll want to
look at the various options under 1.6.2 Staff symbol and Hiding staves.

Totally forgot.

This is in the Learning Manual of the current stable, 2.12 version.

James E. Bailey

Dangit, I meant to say Notation Reference instead of Learning Manual. Also, there are several options for hiding staves. You just have to play around (read) and find the one that works best for you.

Oh, and always be sure to hit "reply all" so that my being corrected can be posted to the entire list, and not just privately.

James E. Bailey

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