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Re: Removing Piano Staff Temporarily Under Flute Part

From: James E. Bailey
Subject: Re: Removing Piano Staff Temporarily Under Flute Part
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2009 12:24:27 +0200

On 04.07.2009, at 01:12, craigbakalian wrote:

Hi Paul,

Yes, I just got this figured out.  What is odd is that there is another
point in the piece where the piano part does a R1 * 2 but the piano
staff doesn't get removed because - I guess - the R1 * x doesn't span
the entire width of the page?  Can anyone out there explain how
\RemoveEmptyStaffContext works?

Craig Bakalian

Notation Reference 1.6.2: Hiding Staves:
Empty staves can be hidden by setting the \RemoveEmptyStaffContext command in the \layout block. In orchestral scores, this style is known as ‘Frenched Score’. By default, this command hides and removes all empty staves in a score except for those in the first system.

Note: A staff is considered empty when it contains only multi-measure rests, skips, spacer rests, or a combination of these elements. 

James E. Bailey

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