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Re: ANN: LilyPondTool 2.12.848 BETA

From: Bertalan Fodor (LilyPondTool)
Subject: Re: ANN: LilyPondTool 2.12.848 BETA
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2009 11:22:53 +0200
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Mark Polesky wrote:
Bertalan Fodor wrote:

If you find problems or places of enhancement, please let me
know. I'm planning to release to the plugin central in 2 weeks.

Virtual Piano

1) Awesome.
2) When I dock it at top or bottom, the "Piano tool panel" is too
   wide and the piano keyboard gets a scroll bar. It's as if the
   tool panel has a minimum width value that's too high. My screen
   resolution is 1280x1024. Maybe a user-accessible minimum-width
   setting could be added to the Plugin Options?
You can switch off the tool panel. I couldn't yet make the minimum width lower, but will try. (The keyboard will always get a scroll bar, anyway.)
3) If the PDF viewer is docked at left or right, and the virtual
   piano is docked at top or bottom, the default settings (I think)
   cut off the virtual piano so the PDF preview extends from top to
   bottom. Somewhere you should mention Utilities > Global Options
   > jEdit > View > Alternate docked window placement -- to switch
   from this:
Good idea. Will include in the docs.
2) Though I miss being able to set the exact zoom value manually,
   and I miss the current zoom value being displayed. Maybe another
   Plugin Option to toggle this?
Thanks, implemented for right click on the zoom percent button.

1) floating PDF viewer bug mentioned above.
Thanks, I'm fixing that one.
2) clicking on "Restart LilyPondTool" causes the LPT toolbar to
   disappear. This is recoverable with Plugin Options >
   LilyPondTool > General > Enable LilyPondTool toolbar (which is
   already checked!) > Apply/OK -- but I still think it's a bug.
Well, to be on the safe side, I remove the "Restart LilyPondTool" button, as it shouldn't be used by users :)
3) I've gotten the following error in previous versions. It always
   happened when I tried to recompile a file from within LPT while
   that file was open in an external PDF viewer. When I got this
   error, usually I could just close the file in the external PDF
   viewer and then compiling would generally be successful.

   However, sometimes the error would happen when there was no
   external PDF viewer involved. In those cases (IIRC), clicking on
   "Restart LilyPondTool" would sometimes allow successful
   recompiling, and (IIRC) some other times the only workaround was
   to restart jEdit. No work was ever lost in this process, because
   LPT always saves the file before attempting to compile it.

   I was never able to consistently replicate the error conditions,
   and I never reported it. Are you familiar with this? Here it is:
It was a bug, I think I fixed in this version. (IIRC you've also reported this on sourceforge)
Processing `C:/Documents and Settings/.../'
Interpreting music...
Preprocessing graphical objects...
Interpreting music...
MIDI output to `myfile.mid'...
Solving 1 page-breaking chunks...
Drawing systems...
Layout output to `'...C:/Program Files/LilyPond/usr/share/lilypond/current/scm/backend-library.scm:115:15: In procedure delete-file in _expression_ (delete-file pdf-name):
C:/Program Files/LilyPond/usr/share/lilypond/current/scm/backend-library.scm:115:15: Permission denied

Hope this helps.
Thanks for an awesome product!
- Mark



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