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Re: hurdles for contributors (was: help wanted, I mean it)

From: Tim McNamara
Subject: Re: hurdles for contributors (was: help wanted, I mean it)
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 10:58:48 -0500

On Jul 11, 2009, at 4:11 AM, Trevor Daniels wrote:

When that's finished I shall get back to the LM, as I
promised.  For that, I'd be happy for contributors to
send me small changes as straight text, but any major
changes would have to contain texinfo mark-up.  There
would be no need for contributors to install git.  If
a contributor wanted to work on a particular .itely
file I would make a branch in my local git repo for
them, send them the .itely file, replace the file with
the updated one in their branch when they returned it,
check it worked and merge the branch into master.  That
way it would even be possible for several people to be
working on the same file at the same time, as if they
were using git themselves.  Making individual-specific
branches is the key to doing this easily and safely.

Tim, if this is more acceptable to you, and you'd like
to work on sections in the Learning Manual, let me know
and we could start now.

Thanks, Trevor-

It's not so much about "acceptability" as it is about the deficiencies of my thick-as-a-plank brain, I suspect. ;-)

Let me start looking at the LM and mapping out the ideas I have a bit more concretely and then I'll start sending you some things for consideration. Learning the texinfo syntax would be less daunting than simultaneously learning that and git (and LilyPond syntax, which I am still learning).

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