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Re: Parallel music coming out in series

From: David Bobroff
Subject: Re: Parallel music coming out in series
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 18:42:51 +0000
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I don't have the inventions available to look at but my memory says that the ornament should occur on beat 4 on the 'b8'. You've put in too much skip time in the UpperOrnamentVoice. It starts:

s2 s1

...which is equal to six beats.  Typo?  Change it to:

s2 s4



...and your problem should disappear, I think.


Tim Rowe wrote:
Ok, I leave Lilypond alone for a while, and I forget it all -- it's
not for the occasional user, is it? At least not an absent-minded one.

I'm simply trying to set a piece of music in two parts. I could
cut-and paste something that works, and if nobody can spare the time
then that's what I'll do. But then I won't understand why what I've
tried *doesn't* work, so if anybody could explain why what I'm doing
is wrong I'd be really glad!

What I have is:
\score {
  \new PianoStaff <<
    \set PianoStaff.instrumentName = #"Piano  "
    \new Staff << \UpperMelodyVoice \\ \UpperOrnamentVoice >>
    \new Staff \lower
  \layout { }
  \midi { }

I was hoping for the contents of \UpperMelodyVoice to be printed in
the same clef as \UpperOrnamentVoice, to be played at the same time.
Instead \UpperOrnamentVoice is typeset *after* \UpperOrnamentVoice.

In case it makes a difference:

UpperMelodyVoice = \relative c'
  \tempo 4 = 80
  \clef treble
  \key c \major
  \time 4/4
  r16 c( d e f d e c g'8-.) c( b c-. |

 UpperOrnamentVoice = \relative c''
   s2 s1 b64( a b32) s16 s8

lower = \relative c {
  \clef bass
  \key c \major
  \time 4/4

  r2 r16 c( d e f d e c |

(Yes, it's one bar of Bach's 2-part invention in C, and I've separated
the ornamentation because the beams and phrase marks got tricky later
on if I try to include them within the same line).

I bet it's simple, but what *am* I doing wrong?

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