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I want to download Lilypond notation programm

From: Atie Bernet
Subject: I want to download Lilypond notation programm
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 05:29:23 +0000 (UTC)
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I am a Dutch composer who moved to Sweden to live there.
Till I lived here in Sweden, I always used Finale, which I bought in Holland 
legally...but now they sent awful blockings, so that I had to register 
again...but did not have the registration-number anymore...
And now all of my sheetmusic has been blocked...I cannot print my own legally 
made compositions any more!!!
And worse, Finale-site gave me no opportunity to email them to say thisÄ! Very 
bad...and when I installed a so-called free Finale-notepad, they blocked me 

So now I reach out to Lilypond, and I hope to continue my composing and 
arranging..., I set some free to print things on internet,

Can you help me: how do I have to download, can you send me the address or 
I would really appreciate it.
In the past I used my Finale also for a lot of pupils to make them smile when 
playing nice arrangements of classical music.

Please help!

With kind regards,

Atie Bernet 

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