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last line does not break

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: last line does not break
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 13:08:24 +0200
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I know many people have asked about the same issue (more or less), but I could not find any solution in the archive or doc.
Before getting crazy, I ask for your help :-)

I have six systems with two staves (normal staff and tab staff) and I want to place three systems in the first page and three in the last page.

The 1st page is ok, but the second has just one system (so many bars are not visible).
While processing, I get this error message:

warning: cannot find line breaking that satisfies constraints

I've tried many different combinations with ragged-... but it never works.
It's the first time I really deal with \paper staff, so I'm missing something for sure..

I need a custom paper size, because the score will be included in a magazine which requires that space.

Below there is my current \paper block.
system-count = #3 worked fine to set the first page, but the second page is just on a single line yet.

I think and hope it's enough for you to help me, but if you need the .ly file please let me know).



\paper {
  paper-height = 218\mm
  paper-width = 164\mm
  line-width = 144\mm
  indent = 0
  print-page-number = false
  system-count = #3
  % annotate-spacing = ##t
  after-title-space = 7\cm
  between-system-padding = #0.1
  between-system-space = #0.1

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