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Re: arbitrary TeX expressions in a score?

From: Denis . Roegel
Subject: Re: arbitrary TeX expressions in a score?
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 23:48:12 +0200
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Quoting Graham Percival <address@hidden>:

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 06:04:41PM +0200, address@hidden wrote:

My first instinct is that something like this could be fixed,
although not without a proper minimal example.

Sorry, I should have posted a minimal example. Here is one:

These are not minimal; minimal means "as small as possible".
Please read:

I have put more minimal (but not totally minimal) examples at

To compile:

lilypond-book --pdf --o=out test.tex
cd out
pdflatex test

Observe: difference between squares in text and score.

I could have made the file test.tex shorter, even keeping the features
I want to display, but then sooner or later someone will want to have
more context. I think really minimal files should only be sought when
the non-minimalness is a drawback, which I don't think is the case here.

Denis Roegel

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