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Re: website draft 9

From: Patrick Schmidt
Subject: Re: website draft 9
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2009 00:21:41 +0200

Hi Valentin,

thanks for your comments!
> Two minor comments:
>  - On the homepage, it would be nice if the two subsubheadings for
> "Stable" and "Unstable" didn't have the same bg-color (a little
> brownish for the unstable release, accordingly to our color-code).
> IIRC that had already been considered?
It's on my ToDo-list.
> - the heading-center text the doc and download page could use some
> (light) decoration.
Just to make sure: you mean the headings "LilyPond … music notation for 
everyone", "Downloads for LilyPond 2.12.2" and "Documentation for LilyPond 
2.12.2", right? What sort of decoration are you thinking of? Suggestions 

> It's hard to tell without the logos, but I have the feeling this
> download page won't be my friend. It's a pity there isn't any link to
> the development releases whatsoever (though it's linked from the home
> page, which is kind of inconsistent).
But there *is* a link (see Download page: For developers - Development).


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