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Joining barlines at the ends of lines?

From: Andrew Giddings
Subject: Joining barlines at the ends of lines?
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 22:29:14 +0100

Hi all,

Does anyone know whether it's possible to automatically join the barlines at the ends of lines across all staffs?

I'm writing a piece for SATB+piano -- a ChoirStaff of two staffs, above a PianoStaff of two staffs also, all combined in a GrandStaff. So normally each barline is split into three separate bits: one on the top choir staff, one on the bottom choir staff, and one across both piano staffs.

What I'd *like* to be able to do is to specify that the last barline of each line -- each barline down the right-hand edge of the page -- should join up across all four staffs, just like at the start of each line.

(I find this makes it a lot easier to find your place when moving down to the next line. Of course, it's a bigger problem the more staffs there are, but I think it's a good principle even with just three or four.)

Also, if that's possible, it'd be nice to join up the the 'special' barlines: double-barlines, repeat marks, etc. in a similar way. (That might need care around lyrics, of course.)

I've searched the manual, the mailing list archive, and the web, but I couldn't see anything directly relevant. (I'm using the latest stable LilyPond 2.12.2 on Mac OS X, if that matters.)

Thanks all,
      / _|_
    /     |/_n_d_y

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