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Re: Codas / Trios

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Codas / Trios
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 11:32:58 +0100
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"David Pounder" <address@hidden> writes:

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>> From: "Anthony W. Youngman" <address@hidden>
>> To: address@hidden
>> Sent: 25.10.09, 2:20:09
>> Subject: Re: Codas / Trios
>> In message <address@hidden>, Anthony W. Youngman 
>> <address@hidden> writes
>> >>
>> >I'm surprised ... after a bit of work it got me where I needed to be! 
>> >Thanks very much.
>> >
>> >I'm still not totally happy, in that because I separate layout and 
>> >notes, I now need to insert dummy bars all over the place, but at least 
>> >it looks like I want.
>> Mmmm - I'm not at all happy now I've played with it ... is there any way 
>> I can get the text to take the space it needs? (rather than using spacer 
>> notes?) I've tried \textLengthOn - that doesn't seem to work.
> The ideal solution would be for da capo, dal segno and codas to be
> handled (somehow) by the \repeat and \unfoldRepeats constructs, -
> wishful thinking?

Well, we have \alternatives, one could have \coda _after them (without
argument), and markers for placing the coda and segno signs.

Another thing with repeats: it is not uncommon to have things like
different dynamics on different repeats, and in particular with
accordions, it is common to have different registers (=midi
instruments?) and octavations on different repeats.

David Kastrup

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