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Re: Adding voices

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Adding voices
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 12:30:28 +0100
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My guess is that the problem is that you have considered the lyrics lines as part of the staves, whereas a Staff in LilyPond terminology only contains the music voices, not the lyrics. Use the template called "SATB vocal score and automatic piano reduction", included in the Learning Manual, as inspiration for your score setup.


Erik Appeldoorn wrote:

As I’m brand spanking new I’m probably going to ask a lot of dumb questions. If so, just tell me.

The point is building a SATB with organ score. Everything looks fine until I activate/add the organ part. After that the score is rubbish. Would a basic explanation of what I’ve done suffice?

\header { left empty for now }

\global = { \autoBeamOff \key g \major }

sopMusic = \relative c' { left empty }

sopWords = \lyricmode { left empty }

the same for alto, tenor , bass and orgAmusic, orgBmusic

then I built the score

\score {

\new ChoirStaff <<

\new Staff = Sop <<

\set Staff.instrumentName = #"Sopraan"

\new Lyrics = sopranos { s1 }

\new Voice = "sopranos" {

<< \global \sopMusic >>



Repeat three times for rhe other voices

Add the lyrics:

\context Lyrics = sopranos \lyricsto sopranos \sopWords

\context Lyrics = altos \lyricsto altos \altoWords

\context Lyrics = tenors \lyricsto tenors \tenorWords

\context Lyrics = basses \lyricsto basses \bassWords

When I now end it and compile all looks well (Without the organ ofcourse) but then add the following and all kind of things go awry.

Extra time signs suddenly appear out of nowhere, the score gets unbalanced

So here is the organ part I added.

\new PianoStaff <<

\new Staff = "ManualOne" <<

\new Voice { \orgAMusic }

\new Staff = "ManualTwo" <<

\new Voice { \orgBMusic } >>

>> >>

All { and << are well balanced and the score does compile without errors it just looks a mess afterwards

Thanks very much for any help,

Keep well, Ursus


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