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Re: Coloring note heads by pitch

From: Simon G. P. Bailey
Subject: Re: Coloring note heads by pitch
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 12:38:04 +0100


You have _installed_ a version of the HTML manual together with your
software.  It does not make sense at all to google for some online
version that does not fit with the rest of your installation.

while i agree with your sentiments, would you mind pointing out _where_ the documentation is installed? here on my mac, there is NO documentation in /Applications/ on my linux box, i just installed 2.12.2 using the installer, and there is no HTML documentation in /usr/local/ as the attached shell grab shows.

i've been using lily for over 5 years and the only way i've found local documentation is if i've actually compiled from source and generated the documentation myself. haven't done that for years, as the online documentation is a no-brainer to use (for me, YMMV).


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