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Re: triple stop warnings

From: Jay Anderson
Subject: Re: triple stop warnings
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 21:28:18 -0700

On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 3:38 PM, Neil Puttock <address@hidden> wrote:
> stop =
> #(define-music-function (parser location music) (ly:music?)
>   (set! (ly:music-property music 'tweaks)
>         (acons 'before-line-breaking
>                (lambda (grob)
>                  (let ((dots (ly:grob-object grob 'dot)))
>                    (ly:grob-set-property! grob 'duration-log 2)
>                    (and (ly:grob? dots)
>                         (ly:grob-set-property! dots 'dot-count 0))))
>                (ly:music-property music 'tweaks)))
>   music)
> \relative c' {
>  <\stop c g' e'>2.\fermata
> }

That works splendidly! I never knew about before-line-breaking before. Thanks.

Also for the other responses, sorry if I didn't explain it very well.
This is the only way I've seen triple (and quadruple) stops notated so
I thought it would be self-explanatory. Thanks for the other examples.
I hadn't seen it notated like that before (I'm not a string player).
I've attached a picture of the particular chord I was working on (for
viola, alto clef, in 3/4). In this case I want to keep it explicitly
notated and all in the same voice.


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