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Re: Pedal at wrong position

From: James Bailey
Subject: Re: Pedal at wrong position
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 15:54:36 +0100

On 12.12.2009, at 00:29, Neil Puttock wrote:

2009/12/11 stefankaegi <address@hidden>:
uhm... I have some doubts you understand me properly... The pedalling
actually should be like in my example (pedal on "e" and "f"), but it's a
bit bad positioned.

This is a nasty bug of the Dynamics context: the pedal bounds aren't
attached to the noteheads.  In your snippet, the pedal change on the f
is attached to a PaperColumn just before the note (it's the same
column the dynamics are attached to).

Until this bug is fixed, the easiest workaround is to keep the pedal
commands inside the relevant bass voice.

This means this:
\new Staff = "LH" << \LH \pedal >>

Instead of this:
  \new Staff = "LH" << \LH >>
  \new Dynamics = "pedal" \pedal


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