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From: James Lowe
Subject: Re: GUI
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 13:23:33 +0000
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Maybe change "Alternate Input" to "Input software," or "Input
programs," or "Progams, At least One of Which You Will Use to Enter
Your Scores if You At All Value Your Time and Sanity."

"Input aids".

Hmm, on second thought, what about calling it "Easier editing"?

'Aids' isn't much better for the layman than 'editor', 'GUI', etc.  How
about 'Other input methods'?

Isn't this starting to get a bit silly? Seems like we are splitting hairs now.

if someone cannot fathom out what Input or Editor means, do you really think these are the kind of people who are going to even begin to want to learn how to use the software?

The analogy about learning to play the Violin being hard etc etc, I think illustrates the problem perfectly but not in the way the original poster (Kastrup I think) stated it.

People who REALLY want to play the Violin (for example) will stick with it through thick and thin, no matter how hard or technically difficult it is. However someone who thinks he wants to play the violin and then finds out on first go it's a bit 'hard' and not worth their time will not bother no matter how much you try to sweeten the pill.

No one picks up an instrument like a violin to learn just for one tune, no one is going to pick up lilypond to write a tune if they don't even know what 'editor' means at least in most cases.

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