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Re: off-topic somewhat: installing jedit/lilypondtool with no internet c

From: chip
Subject: Re: off-topic somewhat: installing jedit/lilypondtool with no internet connection?
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 17:31:46 -0700
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Francisco Vila wrote:
2009/12/18 chip <address@hidden>:
Is it possible to just download everything needed to make an install disk
that includes jedit/lilypondtool/other plugins (I have 17 plugins
installed)? I want to get a computer that has no internet connection set up
for working on music and lily.

Windows or Linux?
Java can be installed from a file. Jedit can be installed from a file
upon Java.  On a computer with internet connection, install the jedit
plugins and copy the settings folder where they live, I think this
could trick to an existing jedit install making it to behave just as
if the plugins were installed from the online plugin repo.
I don't see a settings folder, did find a settings-backup folder buried under Documents and Settings etc etc etc.
Can I just copy the entire .jedit folder from that directory and paste into a new install of jedit on the other computer? That would be the easiest thing to do, if it'll actually work afterwards.
You could install it while online, then pull off the ethernet cable,
uninstall, and try to install again from the files while offline.

Can't install it offline, the computer I need it installed on is in a location with no internet access.


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