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Re: wah-wah-effect

From: Stefan Thomas
Subject: Re: wah-wah-effect
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 20:08:05 +0100

Dear David,
if You, as an trombone-player, are of the opinion, that the notation with a dashed line between + and ° is the standard,
I guess, I should use it.
An american trumpet-player has shown me that version, that I've been using here, but this has been years ago.

2009/12/27 address@hidden <address@hidden>
Ah, you want a dashed hairpin.  Is this to notate a gradual opening/closing?  I would not normally expect to see a dashed hairpin but rather simply a dashed line between the '+' and 'o'.  This means gradual open/close.  It seems that you want something like 'o > +' or '+ < o', correct?  I suppose you could mark one note with '+' and another with 'o' and place your hairpin between.  Again, however, as a trombonist I would find this notation non-standard and potentially confusing.  I don't know enough about your notation requirements to understand why you would want or need to notate it this way.


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Subject: Re: wah-wah-effect

Dear David,
thanks for Your help.
I found out, that I can get a dashed hairpin with \once \override Hairpin #'style = #'dashed-line
What I would like to do is getting a + and an "o" at the beginning and the end of the hairpin.
The "o" is easy to get with
\override Hairpin #'circled-tip = ##t

But how I can do it with the "+"-sign?
2009/12/27 address@hidden < address@hidden >

I'm not sure exactly how you want your wah-wah effect to appear, but for starters you can go here: find the glyphs you need. The ones you need are listed under "Script glyphs." One is "stopped" (looks like '+') and the other is "flageolet" (looks like a small circle). There is also "open" which looks like a small letter 'o'. I've normally seen the little circle (I'm a trombonist). I don't know how to do this without experimenting with it but if you want '+O' I suppose you could create a script called 'wah' or something and combine them together side-by-side. This would mean 'wah' on a single note. If you wanted the effect to span two or more notes I think you should be able to put the '+' over one note, the 'o' over the other and put some sort of dotted/dashed spanner between them.

Sorry I can't be more specific at the moment but I hope this is helpful,


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Subject: Re: wah-wah-effect

Dear community,
I've created a little image (with another program) to illustrate what I'm thinking of.

2009/12/27 Stefan Thomas < address@hidden >

Dear lilypond-users,
does someone of You know, how to produce a proper notation for wah-wah effect for trumpet or trombone?

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