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Adding braces to centered/dropped lyrics

From: Tom Dickson
Subject: Adding braces to centered/dropped lyrics
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 20:13:25 -0800


I'm trying to combine the two snippets found here:

But adding the \rightbrace is adding a bunch of space above the first verse, 
and also it is not correctly centered on the verse - the center of the brace 
should align with the center of the capital A that follows, be directly between 
the two lines, and should be much closer to the preceding parts.

The whole file is available here:

If I change the line:

alleluia = \lyricmode { \dropLyrics \markup {\rightbrace Al} -- le -- lu -- ia! 
\raiseLyrics }


alleluia = \lyricmode { \dropLyrics Al -- le -- lu -- ia! \raiseLyrics }

Then the lyrics are placed correctly, but of course I don't have the braces 

Is there a way to make it center correctly?

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