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Re: Multi-Measure Rests: Adding to what gets printed?

From: rasAK
Subject: Re: Multi-Measure Rests: Adding to what gets printed?
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 03:57:44 -0800 (PST)


I don't have time to look into this, but wanted you to be aware: I went
ahead and used the BarNumberStaff rather than the BarNumberVoice.  In trying
to adjust the Y-Offset of the BarNumberVoice, it moves the lyrics down as
well.  The BarNumberStaff does not.

        \new BarNumberVoice \with {
                \override MultiMeasureRestNumber #'Y-offset = #-7
                \override MultiMeasureRestNumber #'font-size = #-2 }
                { \compressFullBarRests \global \TemplateMelody } 


Alexander Kobel wrote:
> me - stanford wrote:
>> 2) Also, do you think #'outside-staff-priority = #150 is a reasonable 
>> priority setting for the MMR Text?  I'm not sure what most objects' 
>> settings are for this property.  I was just trying to get it to win over 
>> the Lyrics setting.
> Oh, and just a few words about this before I leave for today.
> AFAICS, the Lyrics as well as the BarNumberStaff form a vertically
> aligned group (Is this a VerticalAxisGroup? I'm not sure here...) of
> their own - I think of them as normal staves, basically.
> I _think_ that it should not be possible for grobs of those neighboring
> groups to "cross"; you're merely pushing the MultiMeasureRestNumbers far
> above the center baseline of the BarNumberStaff, and since there are no
> lyrics under a MMR, the skylines of the two squeeze together.  So I
> wonder why 'outside-staff-priority should change anything at all (and
> also didn't test it, to be honest).
> That's why I prefer the approach with an additional voice a single
> staff:  Both MMRNumbers belong to voices in the same staff (read:
> vertical group), just with different directions in which they are
> attached. Thus, your settings are unaffected by, say, a second stanza,
> larger lyrics, dynamics between staff and lyrics, and so on.  An in this
> case, you could also use 'outside-staff-priority and '...-padding, but
> I'm almost certain you won't need them.
> Cheers,
> Alexander
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