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Re: 2.13.11-1: Y-offset for RehearsalMark?

From: Dmytro O. Redchuk
Subject: Re: 2.13.11-1: Y-offset for RehearsalMark?
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 17:16:04 +0200

У чт, 2010-01-28 у 15:55 +0100, Alexander Kobel пише:
> Dmytro O. Redchuk wrote:
> > So, what is _the proper way_ to drop down marks (MetronomeMark and
> > RehearsalMark)?
> > 
> > Not both by the same command, but both by a single command would be
> > great.
> Just an idea (untested): Have you tried to remove Mark_engraver and 
> Metronome_mark_engraver from the Score context and place them into the 
> topmost Staff context?  Then, 'outside-staff-padding should not push 
> them above the Lyrics, IIRC.
Yes, thank You.

% -------------8<-----------------------
\layout {
  \context {
      \remove "Metronome_mark_engraver"
      \remove "Mark_engraver"
  \context {
      \consists "Metronome_mark_engraver"
      \consists "Mark_engraver"
% -------------8<-----------------------

With this section both marks are places right above the staff. And i can
move them up with 'outside-staff-padding, and setting it to 2 already
moves them (so, 2 is measured not from the middle line?..).

But, anyway, in this example i'm using only one Staff, so this means
that *in any case* (regardless one-staff or multi-stave system) i need
to remove and re-attach those engravers to get 'outside-staff-padding
working for marks --- really?

I believe i've missed something again :-)

Well, since it is 'outside-*staff*-padding, it is related to Staff,
obviously. It's normal.

If i wish to have every staff having its own separate metronome marks
--- something strange, probably,-) ---i need to use two commands to move
them vertically. If i wish to have every staff having its own
RehearsalMarks --- i need to use 'Y-offset.

Looks like that.

Thank You :-)

If You have any other ideas regarding this issue --- please, let me
know :-)

ps. I believe Metronome_mark_engraver should really be in a Score
context and should be movable with either 'outside-staff-padding or
'Y-offset, but not both. So i must be still missing something.

> Cheers,
> Alexander

  Dmytro O. Redchuk

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