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Re: How to glue markup with parameter passed note indefine-music-functi

From: Paweł Różański
Subject: Re: How to glue markup with parameter passed note indefine-music-function environment?
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 21:59:11 +0000

>> how to achieve
>> $note_\markup{ s }
> << $note s1*0_\markup { s } >>
Ahh of course :) a zero length skip

In my example it works better without << >>
I just s1*0_\markup { s} $note, so it enters markup in place, and add
note thereafter.

> For a more advanced function, you'll have to use scheme.
> See for example.
No thanks, i have to code on daily basis... If I can achieve something
in lilypond
without closures -  I'll stick to it :) Example is nice, anyway.

Lilypond teach me music well - no need for such constructs.

I'll post my crude example another day.

Thank you very much
Paweł Różański

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