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Re: Lyrics across multi-voice sections

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: Lyrics across multi-voice sections
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 23:19:08 +0100

2010/2/28 Peter Chubb <address@hidden>:

> Grahame, this is such a FAQ thaqt we either need to add a section to
> the LM in `voices and vocals', or modify the `I'm hearing voices'
> section, or add an explicit `implicit voice instantiation with vocals'
> section.  Or some other solution?

Or wait that Kieren (or another lily dev) change the << \\ >> construct
so that it behave like a shortcut for

  % mainVoice
    { ... }  % continuation of the main voice
    \new Voice = "mainVoiceName2" {  % the name of the voice is a
personal suggestion
  >> \oneVoice


There used to be a warning that said voices in a << \\ >> structure
are different from voices outside and thus forbid slurs, hairpins, ...
to continue from voice outside the strucure to a voice inside.

But I must admit I couldn't find that warning again in the doc.


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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