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Re: [tablatures] separating music and tablature information

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: [tablatures] separating music and tablature information
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 12:10:35 +0100
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Patrick Schmidt schrieb:
Hi all,

in order to achieve different guitar tablature editions of the same piece of music I experimented with ghost voices consisting of spacer rests in combination with tablature information. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible to use spacer rests in chord constructs such as <s s s>. In many cases I can use 's' instead and define a minimum Fret but some chords in higher playing positions contain open strings such as <a\5 c'\3 b\2 e'\1>. In this case it would be helpful to be able to use <s\5 s\3 s\2 s\1> in a ghost voice and <a c' b e'> in the main voice to keep the music and tablature informations in separate voices. As a workaround I could use <a\5 c'\3 b\2 e'\1> in the ghost voice and <a c' b e'> in combination with \once \override TabNoteHead #'stencil = ##f in the main voice because otherwise the string number indications in the ghost voice interfere with the automatic string calculation in the main voice. But then the ghost voice also contains some note names and durations which I wanted to avoid. Is there a more elegant solution to this problem?
To be honest: I don't fully understand your request, sorry.
Why do you need something like  <s\5 s\3 s\2 s\1>?
Can you post a minimal example for clarification?



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