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Re: Enhancement request

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Enhancement request
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 09:48:15 -0600

On 3/20/10 9:43 AM, "Kieren MacMillan" <address@hidden>

> Hi Phil,
>> understood it to mean that when there are 2 notes in 2 voices but which have
>> the same fundamental note, only differing in an accidental, then LilyPond
>> doesn't support this.
> Nope -- but we should adjust the documentation if it's unclear.
>> I do have the chords set in different voices and it shows as in the attached
>> clip - it incorrectly makes the first note of the 2nd voice a natural.
> That's a different issue:
> \score {
>   \new Staff <<
>     \new Voice { \voiceOne fis'8[ g'] }
>     \new Voice { \voiceTwo #(set-accidental-style 'voice) <b f'!>8[ <b f'>] }
> }

It seems to me that this is a bug; the fis' and the f' are not the same
note, and therefore the note-heads should not be merged.



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