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Re: Lyrics and spacing inside a system

From: Dmytro O. Redchuk
Subject: Re: Lyrics and spacing inside a system
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 12:49:58 +0200

У чт, 2010-03-18 у 15:46 +0200, Dmytro O. Redchuk пише:
> The very first case (see the snippet or image) can be happily adjusted
> with spacing tuning, but i've failed to manage the last case, there is
> still some quite visible vertical space between two lyrics contexts'
> baselines.
Btw, the last case looks pretty different (of two above) when
staff-affinity set to #f, also, --- there is a bit more vertical
space :-)

So, here is the simplified example:

% --------------8<-----------------------------
\score {
  \context ChoirStaff <<
    \new Staff = "upperstaff" <<
      \new Voice = "alto" {
        g'4 g' r2
      \context Lyrics = "altolyrics" \lyricsto "alto" 
          \lyricmode { a a }
    \new Staff = "tenstaff" <<
      \new Voice = "tenor" {
        f'4 f' f' f'
      \context Lyrics = "tenlyrics" \with {
        alignAboveContext = "tenstaff"
      } \lyricsto "tenor" \lyricmode { _ _ p p }


\paper {
  ragged-right = ##t
  indent = 0
% --------------8<-----------------------------

So, there is "some unwanted vertical space" between lyrics lines, which
i failed to make to disappear with spacings and affinity.

> In real world examples this leads to unwanted results (score can not be
> fit in a good number of pages, systems are visually worse etc).

However, i am not sure this is a bug --- that's why i'm asking,
actually. (I can easily "imagine" that this *is* a bug, but anyway i can
not provide tiny example and tell *what* is a bug exactly.)


  Dmytro O. Redchuk

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