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Shapenote project for lilynet

From: dadadharma
Subject: Shapenote project for lilynet
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 22:47:23 -0700

For those interested in shapenote notation.

I've written a few articles for lilynet & started a discussion group (fasoli = fasola + lilypond).

The basic idea is that many shape note singers will only use a subset of lilypond, have different names for many things. To cater this particular mix of cluelessness & enthusiasm.

To join the discussion group,
 either send me personal email,
 or subscribe at <>

The main items I added to lilynet are


Template using 49_top of Sacred Harp (Old Hundred)

With downloadable pdf of that file here

Maybe I'm reinventing the wheel or working at cross-purposes with some other project.

So, feedback would be appreciated.

If you're ever in west Los Angeles area come sing with us on Thursday nights.


David Olson
Culver City

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