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Re: Force clef visibility

From: Siska Ádám
Subject: Re: Force clef visibility
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 11:26:28 +0100

>> Hello List,
>> how can I force a clef appearing even in case the clef doesn't change
>> actually? I'm thinking about something like this:
>> \clef treble
>> c' \bar "|" s
>> \clef treble
>> d'
>> How can I force the drawing of the second clef?
> 1.1.3 in the NR --> Clef --> Selected Snippets


maybe I'm missing something obvious. I read the manual at least three times, 
but I still don't find a way to force a clef to appear in case it doesn't 
change. Can you post a short example?


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