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Re: Bug/feature/help? with extenders

From: James Bailey
Subject: Re: Bug/feature/help? with extenders
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 20:21:50 +0200

On 17.05.2010, at 19:06, Phil Holmes wrote:

I've been setting some music where one verse ends with some music and lyrics, and the others don't. All 4 verses use underscore extenders to provide a line to the end of the sounding note. This works fine on the first verse, since there are lyrics after the underscores, but it doesn't work as I want on the other verses. I've made a shorter version of the problem to illustrate it - .ly snippets are available, but I think just the PDF and lyrics show it well enough.

In UnderscoreTest.pdf I've put an extra syllable after the extender, and this now ends where it should. The lyrics for the second verse are:

{ La la la __ La la la __ La }

In UnderscoreTestShortError.pdf there's no lyric syllable after the extender, and the extender now reaches the following note, which I believe it shouldn't do. The lyrics are:

{ La la la __ La la la __ }

This looks like a bug which has been fixed in the latest development version.

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