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Problem understanding cued notes

From: James Lowe
Subject: Problem understanding cued notes
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 16:42:43 -0400


I am struggling to understand why the following example


\version "2.13.21"

trumpetcue = \relative c'' { a''4 a a a | e, e e e | c d e f | g f e d}

\relative c''{ 
  ees, f g a
  \addQuote "trump" { \trumpetcue } 
  \new Voice { 
  \cueDuring #"trump" #UP { R1 | g2 g | e4 f8 g a b c d }  
  ees f g a f c


Starts the cued notes on the full bar rest of the main music, at the second bar 
of the defined cue notes?

I'd expect the 'a' notes to be in the same bar as the full rest but they don't 
appear and the cue starts with the 'e' notes.

I can't see what I am missing from the documentation.

Also, does it matter 'when' in the .ly file I \addQuote - that is can I put 
this before the actual music defintion


trumpetcue = blah

\addQuote = blah

\relative c'' { ... \new Voice { \cueDuring ... } } 

Thanks for your time.


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