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Re: please help a newbie with partial measures

From: Peter Chubb
Subject: Re: please help a newbie with partial measures
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 09:48:38 +1000
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>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Holmes <address@hidden> writes:

Phil> Rose, Here's a very simple version of some music laid out as
Phil> hymns frequently seem to be.  I think you should be able to use
Phil> this to modify what you've already done.

You don't need the  partials except at the start.

See some of the hymns I've typeset at

For example:

But basically, a \bar "||" just causes a double barline to be typeset
without changing Lilypond's idea of the current moment in the bar.

Peter C
Dr Peter Chubb  peterc AT           ERTOS within National ICT Australia

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