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Re: glissando without starting note

From: Pato Press
Subject: Re: glissando without starting note
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 12:29:10 -0300

Once again! Thanks!
Definitely I was the one implementing the trick in a wrong way!
A little add to the trick so the first tempo of the bar stays intact, I touch the time stretch of the predecessor note to the glissando. Mean:

realtive c'={
\time 4/4
e'4 d2.*3/4 \hideNotes a2.*1/4 \noBeam \glissando \unHideNotes |
f'4 e2.*3/4 \hideNotes b2.*1/4 \noBeam \glissando \unHideNotes |
g'4 f2. \bar "|."

producing the output (attached file).


ps: I couldn't find the thread when I take a look to the archive. That's why I start it again. Sorry for that.


Lilypond & Community are the joy of life!

2010/8/16 Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>
On 16 August 2010 20:38, Pato Press <address@hidden> wrote:
> Thanks Again James! But I'm sorry to tell you  that it doesn't work :(
> 'cause having a previous note attached to the glissando, even if the
> note is hidden, make changes to the time in the bar.
> Now, I made the wrong example! Sorry for that. My 2nd bar is
> incomplete and should had been complete.
> But you are helping in making me understand what I need.
> And that is:
> How do I move the position of the "glissando stencil" to the left
> of the note instead of the right standard place?
> Probably it is not called glissando what I need. That, I don't know.


No, I think you are right.  This is indeed a glissando, IMO.
But as LilyPond understands it a glissando needs a starting note and
a note to end.
You have the ending note but no visible starting one, hence the trick.

What about

\relative c'' {
 \key g \major
 \time 4/4
 g1 \breathe |
 \grace { \hideNotes a,8\glissando \unHideNotes } a'8 a4 a8 a2~ |
 a1 \bar "|."

If the first (hidden) note is too close the second one (real,
unhidden note), then we do not see the glissando.

James' idea is great too, maybe you could play on the fraction (and/or
on the first hidden note).
The sum of hidden note duration and real note (end of the glissando)
duration should be equal to 8*1.
For example : 1/8 and 7/8, like this:

\relative c'' {
 \key g \major
 \time 4/4
 g1 \breathe |
 \hideNotes a,8*1/8\noBeam\glissando \unHideNotes a'8*7/8 a4 a8 a2~ |
 a1 \bar "|."

The same idea has been used successfully in this thread:
"glissando up from no note to a note"

Hope this could help.


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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