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One line of lyrics, then two lines -> vertical alignment

From: Frank Steinmetzger
Subject: One line of lyrics, then two lines -> vertical alignment
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 22:35:48 +0200
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Hello List

I have grazed the ML archive and I (believe to) remember to have seen this 
question before, but I couldn’t find anything, only other meanings of 
”vertical alignment of lyrics“. So I’m just asking again. :-)

See the attached image of a page I’d like to set. It is page 2 of a song, 
which shows that the first part of the song has three stanzas, placed in three 
lines of lyrics. The forth stanza follows as a single lyrics line.

I have already achieved this by using three \lyricsto, where the first one 
adds stanza 1, the second one adds stanza 2 and 4, and the third adds stanza 

My problem now is in the last system, where the lyrics part in two lines. I 
was unable to figure out how to achieve in it the way this page shows it.

What is your suggestion, please?
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