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Re: LilyPondTool users on Mac?

From: Patrick Schmidt
Subject: Re: LilyPondTool users on Mac?
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 20:17:38 +0200

Am 10.09.2010 um 19:37 schrieb Carl Sorensen:

On 9/10/10 9:45 AM, "Seth Williamson" <address@hidden> wrote:

I want to thank everybody who has helped thus far in the saga of my getting
the LilyPond/JEdit/LilyPondTool combo up and running.

Thanks to several people's suggestions, I think I got the permissions problem fixed. I have no idea how I could have had permissions trouble in the first place, since I have always installed things exclusively as a user, but

I have now gotten as far as getting the combination set-up to display the little scale that is included as a test file for beginners in LilyPond. It's titled simply "A scale in LilyPond" and it displays fine in the PDF displayer
that I have docked to the right of the JEdit workspace.

HOWEVER, the latest problem is that I can't seem to get the PDF displayer to STOP showing me this scale, even when I attempt to put in new files to be

For example, a buddy suggested that I use the LilyPondTool Score Wizard to make another four-note scale. FYI, I append the output it created below. But I can't get it to display -- even though I have the new file in JEdit, I still
see the original scale to the right.

Here's what I put in with the Wizard:

% Created on Fri Sep 10 11:36:20 EDT 2010
\version "2.12.3"

\header {
title = "Seth's Test Score"
 subtitle = "(suggested by Bob)"
  composer = "Seth Williamson"


staffTrumpetInC = \new Staff {
\time 4/4
\set Staff.instrumentName = "Trumpet in C"
\set Staff.midiInstrument = "trumpet"
\transposition bes,
\key c \major
\clef treble
\relative c' {
a b c d

\bar "|."


\score {

\midi {

  \layout {

\paper {

Here is what I think are the error codes the above code generated. Anybody
have any ideas what went wrong?

This is a console shell for running LilyPond and related commands. Enter %help
to see the available special commands.
%lilypond %args "/Users/hazelmotes/Downloads/Seth's Test"
/Applications/ line 1: fg: no job
/Applications/ line 2: version:
command not found
/Applications/ line 4: header:
command not found
/Applications/ line 5: title:
command not found
/Applications/ line 6: subtitle:
command not found
/Applications/ line 7: composer:
command not found
/Applications/ line 9: syntax
error near unexpected token `}'
/Applications/ line 9: `}'
Processing time: 0 seconds

I think the problem is spaces and the single quote in your filename.

Change the name of your file to, and I predict it will
work fine.
That's what I thought, too. I tested both Seth's Test and and both compiled on Mac OS 10.4.11; LP 2.13.31; LPT 2.12.894; jEdit 4.3.2.
So the spaces don't seem to be the cause of the problem.



Seth Williamson

On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 10:16 AM, Bernardo Barros <address@hidden>
The only problem I got was to get unicode support from jEdit.
Also Midi support did not work well with LilyPondTools AT ALL
The other regular things went well.

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