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Re: Help needed - missing .pdf file after running lilypond sucessfully.

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Help needed - missing .pdf file after running lilypond sucessfully.
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 07:07:32 -0600

On 9/26/10 6:49 AM, "MING TSANG" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Ian,
> Thank you. I follow your prescribed steps and my problem is resolved. Thank
> you. My problem starts when I install multiple versions: v2.13.32 in default
> and 2.6.5 & 2.12.3 in its own folders.  v2.6.5 is the last install I did. Now
> my computer is clean up. I have only v2.13.33.  I went to and I
> didn't see v2.13.34 as you suggested to use.

As of right now, the following website:


list 2.13.34-1 as the current development release.
> Lilypond users:  I want to use, but it is in v2.6.5 How can I use it
> with v2.13.33 and up. I don't want go through the problem of installing multi
> versions of lilypond. Is it possible to include with v2.13.33 and
> up?
> More questions / help require:
> (1). How can I increase the fontsize of the numbers in easyHeadOn with
> numbers.  The following .ly produce number too small when in print (hardcopy).
> I have been trying very hard but in vain.

Please generate a small snippet that shows what you have tried.  I have sent
you  a snippet that increases the font size in easy heads.   I have tested
it and it works.  I'll be happy to help you work through these issues, but
we should do it on a small snippet, instead of a big file.
> (2). It seems that I lost tagline on my last page. What happened?
> (3). Apprceiate snippet for generating midi file for voice part - ie soprano,
> alto, tenor bass. My intention is to provide voice part for choir member to
> practice. 

I think that you can create separate scores with midi blocks for the
individual parts.

\version 2.13
soprano = \relative c'' {
  c d e

alto  = \relative c'' {
  a b c

\score {
  \new Staff {
  \layout {}

\score {

\score {

> (4). Is it possible to print title on every page?

Search the user archives for "header on every page".



P.S. Please don't top post on lilypond lists.  It's against our list

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