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My kingdom for a lilypond server

From: Mike Solomon
Subject: My kingdom for a lilypond server
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2010 10:31:05 -0400
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Hey all,
    I am trying to make an on-line melodic dictation website for my students
where they input notes and rhythms from pull-down menus and this info gets
sent to a server that, via php, writes this info to a file, crunches said
file with lilypond, and displays the resultant png on a webpage.  I imagine
that the LSR is not unlike this, and I've found a few internet threads about
people who have done this sorta thing, so I imagine that it's not too
    I, unfortunately, do not have a server, and rather than going through
the process of trying to get something up and running on one of my
university's servers, I ask you the following question: do any of you have
lilypond running in server-mode that would not mind letting me use it for
this type of assignment?  Each file would be one melodic line of 8 bars or
so, and there are only 60 students, so I can't imagine that you'd take a
processing or memory hit.
    If you have the setup I'm looking for &'d be willing to help me out,
please hit me back.

All the best,

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