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Re:Feature request

From: Jeremiah Reilly
Subject: Re:Feature request
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 11:13:34 -0400

I also agree with Tim McNamara's statement. I certainly don't want to put any fuel on the flame.
The Lilypond users group has been incredibly generous helping me with my problems. We're
talking above and beyond here. Lilypond output is lovely indeed. I don't mind spending the
time getting the output just right and am willing to put in the effort. My problem is that I just
don't get the underlying structure and functionality of Lilypond. I am not a computer science
guy, but I am way more than reasonably competent (Ruby, Python, LaTeX) and Lilypond 
and Scheme elude me. I've tried. Someone from the Pond years ago explained to me that
Lilypond is at the TeX stage and not the LaTeX stage. I think that is true. I am sure we all
would love to see it get to the LaTeX stage. Our mutual productivity would soar.

For years I wanted to help with the manuals and examples but have held back because I
just don't grasp the essential structure of Lilypond.

In short, the output (the ultimate product) is great. The Lilypond community is great. I 
thank you all. But, using Lilypond is too much voodoo and hocus pocus. And, that is why
I agree with Tim's comment.

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