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Re: alpha test, spacing ajusments

From: Keith E OHara
Subject: Re: alpha test, spacing ajusments
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2010 16:20:17 -0700
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On Wed, 03 Nov 2010 12:35:23 -0700, Jan Warchoł <address@hidden> wrote:

Maybe our scores differ so much that there are no settings good for all of

Time to finish this up.
I think the attached very short set of overrides are a good compromise, which 
we can all use until the final stages of tweaking.  I'll copy these change, in 
patch form, and examples for what they do, to lilypond-devel in a moment.

The major change is to let more of the extra space on a loose page go *between* 
systems, and more between staff-groups in an orchestral score, for readability. 
 Compare the Stretched and Nice images, from the most severe example I found.  
This was suggested independently for Piano (by me) Orchestral (Reinhold in 
2009) and Choral (Janek) music.

In case it piques anyone's interest or questions, I put below a list of scores 
I looked at today to check for problems, with my notes on where 2.13.38 needed 

= Keith

Scriabin Prelude Op11 N1
     If set on two pages, staves stretch too much
Chopin Prelude Op28 N1
Mendelssohn Leider ohne Worte Op85 N1
     Staves stretch un-necessarily,  though by conicidence,
     the stretching makes the PianoStaffs more uniform height.
Debussy 1ère Arabesque
     Severe stretching of staves
Debussy Clair de Lune
     Severe stretching of staves
Chopin Impromptu Op 66
Chopin Prelude Op45
     Last page shows best example found for issue 1290

Single Voice:
Hymns from Fr. Gilmary
     Needs the extra stretchability between \score s
Four fiddle tunes set for a fakebook

String Quintet with Figured Bass:
Vivaldi Winter, score and parts
     Needed separation between systems for readability

Bębenek Witaj Pokarmie
     Wants to have centered lyrics, as opposed to centered baseline
     but we do not see how to make that default (earlier email)
Handel Cara Sposa
Monteverdi la Maddelena
     Reveals an inconvenience of the new system:
     Additional verses below one score, and the title of the next score,
     are placed close to each other because they are consecutive pieces
     of markup.  Any extra gap must be inserted by hand.
Handel Messiah Chorus
     Needed more space between systems
     Needed padding between lyric and unreleated dynamics

Full Orchestra:
Dvorák Symphony from the New World Op85, score and parts
     The score badly needed separation between systems,
     and space at the bottom of single-system pages.
     2 pages (out of 54) are overfilled by the new page-breaker,
      in a way that page-breaking-system-system-spacing could fix,
      but wait to see what 2.13.39 does.
     Parts are unevenly filled, due to page-turn considerations,
     but ragged-bottom = ##f still works

Orchestral staves from Reinhold's emails to the 2009 thread "RFC: new vertical 
layout engine"

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