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Re: lilypond cameo

From: Jan Warchoł
Subject: Re: lilypond cameo
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 08:43:15 +0100

2010/12/10 James Lowe <address@hidden>
> Hmm..that video was only slightly more annoying than a bouncing ball over 
> lyrics...for those that want to 'show me the money' all starts with 
> LilyPond at about 2:11.
> Although he obviously doesn't like the  'sans' Font for Chords

I don't like it too, it doesn't blend nicely with rest of the score.
Perhaps it's because of Feta font, which is quite ornamental and chord
font is not (i think they would blend quite good with some finale
scores)... I have the impression that the chord names with default
font are yelling at me: "here we are and we are brutal! yeah, the
notes are subtle but we, we are like hit in your face"
Seriously though, have you considered changing the default font for chords?


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