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Request to mailing list lilypond-user rejected

From: Ludo Beckers
Subject: Request to mailing list lilypond-user rejected
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 17:55:15 +0000 (UTC)
User-agent: Loom/3.14 (

I managed to post in the list as a new subscribed user, but couldn't reply.
I received this:
Your request to the lilypond-user mailing list
   Posting of your message titled "vim&Lilypond learning
curve_jazzchord font_bars per line? 3
 questions" has been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the
following reason for rejecting your request:
"Non-members are not allowed to post messages to this list.
Since you are not subscribed to this list, please use the Gmane
interface at
for posting messages.
Thank you,
The LilyPond mailing list administrators "
Any questions or comments should be directed to the list administrator

So I wrote him/her:

I did subscribe to the list, but still got this rejection message (below).
My reply to the thread I started doesn't appear; is that because all posts are
moderated all the time?
If so, sorry to bother you for nothing - I'll be patient :-)
Ludo Beckers

I never got a reply though. Any idea why my subscription was first accepted and
then rejected on the same day?

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